Online sales

Why should I create an online account?

When you create an account, the information you enter when registering (contact information, lift pass card numbers, date of birth, etc.) will be saved for your next purchase.
If you sign up to our loyalty scheme, your online lift pass purchases will be tallied in your account, and you will receive credit to use on your next lift pass order. . Sign up to the loyalty scheme.

How long in advance do I need to order my passes to have them sent to my home address?

We recommend ordering your lift passes no later than 10 days before your first ski day if you want us to post them to your home address. If in doubt, you can opt to collect your passes from a collection point in resort up to 24 hours before your first ski day.

I want to buy a skipass, do I have to provide a photo ID?

A photo (passport photo size) is only required for skipasses valid 9 days or over, as well free skipasses of any duration (for under 5 yo).

I want to change or cancel my order, what can I do?

Cancellation is FREE OF CHARGE for any skipass ordered for a minimum of 3 consecutive days. You can cancel free of charge and with no justification required up to 15 days before your first ski day or up to 1 day before if the cancellation is linked to the COVID epidemic*. (proof will be required).
If you wish to change or cancel your order, please contact us by e-mail at Please see T&C for details.

*applies in the case of COVID-related illness of any member of the group travelling together, quarantine requirements or travel restrictions.