The Espace San Bernardo is a vast ski area that straddles France and Italy, linking the two resorts of La Rosière in Savoie (France) and La Thuile in the Aosta Valley (Italy).

On the French side, La Rosière is one of  very few resorts that faces due south, meaning it enjoys record amounts of sunshine every year.
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2022-23 Piste map


For your safety, La Rosière Ski Area and more particularly the Rescue Service is equipped with the RECCO avalanche rescue system



Find the rules of good conduct of the skier as well as the markings set up on our ski area to ski safely.

The rules on the slopes

La Rosière ski area is happy to welcome you on its playground this winter! To ensure that everything goes smoothly during your ski trip, it is important that we all respect the rules of good conduct for skiers. 


10 safety rules on the slopes: 

  1.  I must not endanger others.
  2.  I am always in control of my speed.
  3.  People ahead have the right of way.
  4.  I keep enough distance when overtaking.
  5.  At the top or at a crossing. I stay out of the way.
  6.  I must avoid stopping on the slope in narrow places or where visibility is restricted
  7.  When either climbing or descending on foot. I keep to the side of the slope.
  8.  I stay informed on the weather and slopes conditions, and respect all signs and markings. 
  9.  In case of accident, I must alert the rescues and follow the instructions.
  10.  If I am involved or witness an accident, I alert the rescues and provide my contact details.

These rules are important to protect yourself and others from any type of accident. Remember to respect these rules on the slopes so that your stay goes as smoothly as possible!


More regulations when skiing in Italy:

To ski in La Thuile, Italy, it is imperative to carry an identity card and a third party liability insurance.  In addition, helmet must be wear for people under 18 years old. To ski off-piste, the triptych "AVD, shovel, probe" is mandatory. Snowscoot are forbidden.
Your safety on the slopes - videos
The marking of the slopes

The marking of the slopes

Discover the bilateral marking of the slopes on the ski area, in order to anticipate your outings on the slopes.   


Piste border markers match the colour of the slope. The right edge is marked with the colours of the slope with an orange device. This allows you to find your way around in foggy weather. Outside these signs, you are off-piste.

Yellow and black striped poles, ropes and net = DANGER!

Road Signs are along the slope with its name, its colour and the position number (it's decreasing when you go down). Please mention this number when reporting an accident (in France only).


Advice : Please give your phone number to your children

Avalanche Risk

Check the weather forecast and snow conditions before leaving.  

Contact the rescue service

La Rosière / Safety : +33 (0)4 79 40 12 02
La Thuile / Lift : +39 (0)165 884 150

Alert the rescue services and geolocate yourself easily via the ESPACE SAN BERNARDO mobile app. Press on "Resort" and then on "Assistance" to reach the rescue services and give directly the GPS coordinates that are displayed on the screen. The app allows you to have a precise location of your position. 

Emergency assistance and rescue is not free, so please ensure you are covered by an appropriate winter sports insurance policy.