Online recharging

What is a rechargeable keycard ?

Your skipass support is a rechargeable keycard : it is a card with a chip containing the skipass that you bought online or at the cashier's office. 

It is mandatory to reach the slopes. It wil be automatically detected when you pass through the chairlifts gantry and will open the access to the ski area. 
For a maximum peace of mind, we advise you to put it in your ski jacket’s left pocket to not worry about it during your holidays. 

It will only cost  2€ on your order online, or during your skipass purchase at the cashier’s office



Is it reusable?

This keycard is reusable by recharging it at the cashier’s office or through our different sales channels : 
  • On our online store :
  • On our vending machines disposed in the resort and at our partners sport shops. 
The recharging is immediate! In only 5 minutes, just enough time to put your skis on, you can use the ski lifts and enjoy your stay.
You just need to enter the keycard’s number with this format : 01 – 1614 xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx – x or you can also just scan the card at one of our vending machines at the space provided. 
You have a rechargeable keycard from a different ski resort with this same format? Don’t hesitate to use it for your La Rosière or Espace San Bernardo skipasses. 

Why use a rechargeable keycard ?

In ordier to go skiing without waiting in line or having to go through the cashier, La Rosière’s Ski Area offers you an at will rechargeable and reusable keycard !

You just need to go on, or on the Espace San Bernardo mobile application, select your ski area, the lenght of your stay et recharge easily with just a few clicks. You can recharge anywhere at anytime ! 

Also profit from special offers until the eve of your ski day.