Ski lockers at the bottom of the Roches Noires chairlift

Je réserve en ligne !

For a hassle-free holiday, hire a ski locker at the bottom of the slopes !

La Rosière gives you the opportunity to store your equipment in secured ski lockers, located in la Maison du Ski, just next to the bottom of the Roches Noires chairlift !

Witth room for up to 4 set of equipment, the ski lockers are equipped with boots dryers.

Book a locker online for a minimum duration of 7 days. Lockers are available from 3pm on the first day of booking until 12.30pm on the last day of booking (except for short rentals, made at the last minute in resort). 

To avoid disappointment, book your ski locker early!


Ski locker rental rates

Season 2021-22

From 11/12/2021 to 24/04/2022


70,00€ the week 
10,00€ per night

49,00€ the week
7,00€ per night

42,00€ the week
6,00€ per night
From 11/12/2021 to 24/04/2022

From Sat. 18/12/2021 to Sat. 08/01/2022
From Sat. 05/02/2022 to Sat. 05/03/2022
From Sat. 02/04/2022 to Sat. 09/04/2022

From Sat. 22/01/2022 to Sat. 05/02/2022
From Sat. 05/03/2022 to Sat. 19/03/2022
From Sat. 09/04/2022 to Sat. 16/04/2022

From Sat. 11/12/2021 to Sat. 18/12/2021
From Sat. 08/01/2022 to Sat. 22/01/2022
From Sat. 19/03/2022 to Sat. 02/04/2022
From Sat. 16/04/2022 to Sat. 23/04/2022



What do I do when I arrive?

1. Once you have booked your ski locker online, you will receive a CONFIRMATION email or text message containing a CODE. Make sure you keep this code safe until you arrive in La Rosière. 

2. When you arrive in resort, head to the locker room and locate a terminal. Now you need to PAIRS your group's skipasses with your locker. To do this: 
- Enter your code on the terminal
- Scan you skipasses, one after the other

3. Now it's time to OPEN your ski locker ! You have 3 options: 
- enter the code you received by text or email, or
-scan one of your group's skipasses, or
-on your smartphone, click on the confirmation link you received by email. 

Now, it's time to enjoy a hassle-free holiday in La Rosière - Espace San Bernardo !