Practical information

Do I have to take out "ski" insurance?

If you hurt yourself and require medical attention on the mountain, it can cost you a lot of money! For example, the rescue costs if you injure your knee in Italy, including transport in a stretcher to the doctor's surgery in La Rosière, costs around €600. Even if you are covered by your credit/debit card insurance, you will have to pay the costs up front. We recommend taking out Carré Neige insurance when you buy your lift pass. The guarantees and conditions of Carré Neige insurance can be viewed here.

What does the Carre Neige insurance cover?

It covers the costs of search, rescue, transport, treatment and repatriation, plus the partial refund of unused ski lessons and unused lift passes. Info and conditions here.

Can I charge several skipasses onto the same keycard?

Yes, as long as the validity dates do not overlap.

Can I order a rechargeable card on its own?

If you do not yet have a "hands-free" skipass card, we will be add one to your skipass purchase, either online or in the skipass office.

How do I top up my keycard?

At home, on your computer, tablet or smartphone via our website, or at the skipass office or skipass Express machines in resort (see "Where can I buy my skipass?").

Can I recharge a skipass card issued in a different ski resort?

As long as it is a “hands-free” card with a DTA number in the format 01-1614 XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX-X, you can recharge it in La Rosière, provided it is not damaged.

Where can I find my keycard number?

It is shown in the top right-hand corner of your card. It is a 22-digit number in the following format: 01-1614 XXXX XXXX-X.

Is there a loyalty scheme?

Yes, see more details here.

Where can I collect the photo I took on the Panoramic Experience?

Click here and follow the instructions to collect your souvenir photo.

I lost something on the slopes, who do I contact?

All lost property is itemised and kept in the skipass office or La Rosière - Espace San Bernardo Ski Area reception, in the Maison du Ski.

Where can I find the emergency number for the ski patrol?

The emergency rescue number is displayed on all La Rosière - Espace San Bernardo skipasses.

Where can I throw away my rubbish?

There are public bins in the resort, where you can sort, recycle and dispose of any rubbish. 

I have a La Rosière lift pass and I'd like to go to Italy, what do I have to do?

If you want to go to Italy on a La Rosière pass, you need to go to the lift ^pass office to buy an "Italy extension", which can be loaded directly onto your card.

Adult 1-day extension: €21.50
Child 1-day extension: €16.50
Senior citizen 1-day extension: €18.50

What are the different ski areas?

LA ROSIERE : in the sunny face, the French side of the ski area stretches from Séez to the top of the Bellecombe II ski lift.

ESPACE SAN BERNARDO : this is the cross-border aki area that incorporates La Rosière in France and La Thuile in Italy. More information about the ski area is available here.

Can I buy a skipass for one day or longer, just for La Rosière ski area?

All skipasses for two consecutive days or more are automatically Espace San Bernardo skipasses (Italy extension is added free of charge).

With my 6-day skipass, can I get a discounted pass in other resorts?

Upon presentation of your receipt and your valid Espace San Bernardo skipass (valid 6 days or more), purchased at public price, you can get a discount on a 1-day skipass in the following resorts: Ste Foy, Val d'Isère, Tignes, Les Arcs, La Plagne and Valmorel. Prices and conditions here.

I am not planning to ski much during my stay : are there any special offers for me?

Beginners may use the Manessier drag lift and Lutins magic carpet (Les Eucherts) free of charge, 7 days a week. See the piste map here.

A "beginner" skipass is also available to purchase from the ticket office (only). 
This lift pass grants access to 5 lifts for 3 consecutive hours:

  • Tapis des Lutins (free)
  • Clarines drag lifts
  • Dahu drag lift
  • Lièvre Blanc drag lift
  • Manessier drag lift (free)

Are there any special discount for groups?

If you are skiing with friends, take advantage of the Tribu Pass offer for a 5% discount on your 6 or 7-day lift passes. Only available to purchase online, the Tribu Pass is for between 4 and 10 adult lift passes for 6 or 7 consecutive days, valid for the same dates and purchased in the same transaction. More information here.

Do you have a special student rate?

You can get a student discount every day on 1-day Espace San Bernardo lift passes, upon presentation of a valid student card by the holder at the lift pass office.

Do you have a special rate for the disabled?

An individual reduction of 50% off the adult public price is applied upon presentation of a valid "80% or more disability card" with a photo. More information at the lift ticket office.

Why should I create an online account?

When you create an account, the information you enter when registering (contact information, lift pass card numbers, date of birth, etc.) will be saved for your next purchase.
If you sign up to our loyalty scheme, your online lift pass purchases will be tallied in your account, and you will receive credit to use on your next lift pass order. . Sign up to the loyalty scheme.

How long in advance do I need to order my passes to have them sent to my home address?

We recommend ordering your lift passes no later than 10 days before your first ski day if you want us to post them to your home address. If in doubt, you can opt to collect your passes from a collection point in resort up to 24 hours before your first ski day (Click & Collect).

I want to buy a skipass, do I have to provide a photo ID?

A photo (passport photo size) is only required for skipasses valid 9 days or over, as well free skipasses of any duration (for under 5s and over 75s).

I want to change or cancel my order, what can I do?

Cancellation is FREE OF CHARGE for any skipass ordered for a minimum of 3 consecutive days. You can cancel free of charge and with no justification required up to 15 days before your first ski day . If you wish to change or cancel your order, please contact us by e-mail at Please see T&C for details.