La Rosière supports the Mountain Riders organisation

Who are they?

Mountain Riders is an organisation that aims to raise awareness about sustainable development. It was founded in 2001 by people who are concerned about the environment in which we live. Present in all of France’s mountain ranges, Mountain Riders help us to understand the different climatic, social and economic issues that the Earth has to contend with and explains how we can help to preserve our planet.

The challenge is to raise awareness without preaching. In order to do this, Mountains Riders has set itself two main objectives:

- To encourage actions that remove any rubbish left on the mountainside when the snow melts and thus help preserve the quality of the water and local biodiversity.

- To raise awareness and educate not only children but also local citizens and elected officials about waste reduction at the source.


Who is it aimed at?

For Mountain Riders, making the new generation aware of responsible approaches is essential because they are the actors of tomorrow. But Mountain Riders also target several other actors: local citizens, elected officials, mountain professionals and especially mountain tourism stakeholders.


What do they do?

What do they do?

In order to raise children’s awareness about sustainable development, Mountain Riders organise year-round nature outings, walking holidays, entertainment, fun workshops and activities suitable for schools and after-school programmes. The association also offers courses to train professionals and future mountain-based professionals in the economic, social and environmental challenges of tomorrow.


The main points discussed:

- The impact of consumerism on overproduction (waste, raw materials, etc.)

- The notion of an ecological footprint

- The causes and consequences of global climate change (specific to the mountain environment) 



For more information, please visit the Mountain Riders organisdtion's official website.