Should I subscribe to a ski insurance?

You have to pay the mountain rescue services. Example: assistance fees for a knee sprain in Italy with return trip in a stretcher to doctor’s surgery costs around 600€. Even you are insured by your Debit/Bank card insurance, you have to give an advance of the costs.  That’s why we advise you to subscribe to Carré Neige insurance when you buy your Ski pass. Guarantee & contractual conditions here.

What does the insurance take charge of?

The insurance covers research, assistance, transportation, treatment and repatriation costs and insures the partial reimbursement of the ski courses and non-used ski pass. Information and conditions here.

Can I recharge several skipasses on a same card?

Yes, if the dates of validity haven’t expired.

Can I order a rechargeable card?

If you still don’t have an “Idle Hands card”, we will offer you this card when you will order a Ski pass, online or in our checkouts.

How can I recharge my card?

At home, with your computer, tablet or Smartphone, on our website or in the ski resort, in all of our checkouts.

Can I recharge a "Key card" from another ski resort?

Any “Key card” with a DTA number (1-1614 XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX-X) is rechargeable, if the card is valid.

Where can I find the card number?

This number is written at the top right of your card. It is composed of 23 figures, in the form of 01-1614 XXXX XXXX XXXX XXX-X.

What are the different skiing areas?

La Rosière: on the Tarentaise’s sunny slope, the French area starts from the village of Seez, to the top of the Bellecombe II lift.
Espace San Bernardo: this is the combination of both areas of La Rosiere (France) and La Thuile (Italy).
More informations here (Nordic area, pedestrians, ski touring...).

Can we buy a "4 day and more" Skipass on La Rosière area?

With a 4-day pass, you automatically get an Espace San Bernardo ski pass (the upgrade in Italy is free).

With my 6-day Ski pass, can I get some discounts in another ski resorts?

If you show your valid 6-day Ski pass, bought full price, and its proof of sale, you get a special offer for a Ski pass in these ski resorts: Sainte Foy Tarentaise, Val d’Isère, Tignes, Les Arcs, La Plagne and Valmorel. Prices and dates here.

I am an occasional skier, can I have a special offer?

For beginners, the entrance to the ski lifts Manessier, Clarine I (Rosiere center area), Dahu and Tapis des Lutins (imps travelator) (Eucherts area) is free the whole week. You can see our lifts here.

Do you have a special price for groups?

To enjoy ski with friends, choose the Pass Tribu and get 5% of discount on a 6-day Ski pass. This offer is only available on online sales, for groups between 4 and 10 adults, for the same period and booked in only one deal. More information here.

Do you have a special offer for students?

The discount for students is available in the checkouts, 24/7, on the Espace San Bernardo 1-day skipass. You have to show your student’s card.

Do you have a special offer for disabled persons?

An individual 50% discount is applied on the adult public price. You have to show your 80% disability card and a valid ID photo. More information in our checkouts.

Why should I create an online account?

When you create your online account, the data you fill for the first time (contact details, dates of birth…) will be retained for your next sale.

What is the best period to order my ski pass?

We advise you to order your ski pass no later than 10 days before your first ski day if you want to receive it at home before your departure. In case of doubt, until 24h before your first sky day, you can choose a withdrawal place in the ski resort during the online order.

I want to buy a Ski pass, must I give an ID photo?

An ID photo is requested only for the 9-day and more Ski pass, and for the free Ski pass (5 years old and less and 75 years old and more).

I want to modify or cancel my order, what can I do?

If you want to modify or cancel your order, contact us by email (dsr@dsr-larosiere.com). If we accept your file, management costs will be deducted (10€) from the reimbursement.