Ski lockers

Je réserve en ligne !

Want to enjoy your holiday peacefully without worrying about the whereabouts of the key locker?

La Rosière offers you the possibility to store your equipment in complete safety in la Maison du Skis lockers.

Available for 4 people, the ski lockers are equiped with shoe dryers for four pairs of skis or snowboards. For maximum comfort they are located at the foot of the Roches Noires chairlift !

Reservation online for a minimum duration of 7 days (short stays : if availabilty, only in last minute, directly on automatic terminal) 

To be one of the lucky holidaymakers, make sure to book your ski locker right away.


Ski locker rental rates

Season 2019-20

From 14/12/2019 to 24/04/2020


70,00€ the week

49,00€ the week
42,00€ the week
From 14/12/2019 to 24/04/2020

From Sat. 21/12/2019 to Sat. 28/12/2019
From Sat. 28/12/2019 to Sat. 04/01/2020
From Sat. 08/02/2020 to Sat. 15/02/2020
From Sat. 15/02/2020 to Sat. 22/02/2020
From Sat. 22/02/2020 to Sat. 29/02/2020
From Sat. 29/02/2020 to Sat. 07/03/2020

From Sat. 25/01/2020 to Sat. 01/02/2020
From Sat. 01/02/2020 to Sat. 08/02/2020
From Sat. 07/03/2020 to Sat. 14/03/2020
From Sat. 14/03/2020 to Sat. 21/03/2020
​From Sat. 11/04/2020 to Sat. 18/04/2020
From Sat. 14/12/2019 to Sat. 21/12/2019
From Sat. 04/01/2020 to Sat. 11/01/2020
From Sat. 11/01/2020 to Sat. 18/01/2020
From Sat. 18/01/2020 to Sat. 25/01/2020
From Sat. 21/03/2020 to Sat. 28/03/2020
From Sat. 28/03/2020 to Sat. 04/04/2020
​From Sat. 18/04/2020 to Sat. 24/04/2020


Once on site, what happens?

1. Once you have booked your ski locker on line, you will receive a CONFIRMATION by e-mail or text message with a CODE. Keep it preciously until your arrival in La Rosière. 

2. When you arrive, go to the terminal located near the lockers. From there, you will have to ASSOCIATE all the ski packages of your tribe to your locker in two steps:
- Seize your code on the terminal
- One after the other, pass your ski packages in front of the terminals reader

3. The only thing left to do is OPEN your ski locker ! In order to do that, you have 3 options: 
- enter the code you received by text message or by e-mail
-OR- Pass one of the packages in front of the terminals reader 
-OR- From your smartphone, click direclty on the confirmation link you received by e-mail. 

Now, the ski and peace of mind are all yours during your entire stay in La Rosière - Espace San Bernardo ! 

We thank you for your trust.